19 September 2017

Nouvelle AOM wins the international architectural competition !

On 19 September 2017, representatives of the Tour Montparnasse co-ownership syndicate named Nouvelle AOM as winner of the international architectural competition. This final culmination of the competition marks the beginning of the next phase in the history of this important building.

The aim of the competition was to give the Tour Montparnasse a strong, innovative, dynamic and modern identity, at the same time as leading by example in successfully addressing all the goals of user accessibility, comfort and energy performance. By putting forward a scheme that successfully balances all these challenges, Nouvelle AOM has succeeded in envisioning the Tower for the 21st century; a scheme characterised by its innovation and its influence on an entire neighbourhood and the wider context of Paris and its status as a capital city.

Nouvelle AOM is a consortium of French architects that includes Franklin Azzi, Fréderic Chartier, Pascale Dalix, Mathurin Hardel and Cyrille Le Bihan. In their own words:

When we took up the challenge of this exciting competition, our focus was on revealing the beauty of the Tour Montparnasse from the inside out through the prism of completely new uses and achieving a bioclimatic transformation of its facade. We wanted to establish the Tower definitively as an icon for the 21st century energy revolution.

For full information on the renovation scheme

The Nouvelle AOM partners in the office rented on the 44th floor of the Tour Montparnasse to design the project.
Left to right: Pascale Dalix, Franklin Azzi, Mathurin Hardel, Cyrille Le Bihan and Frédéric Chartier.
© Nouvelle AOM / Alexandre Tabaste

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